Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Odds Are...

I don't like traffic...I abhor it. But, what I dislike more than the traffic itself is discourteous drivers.

I was close to work this morning ( was actually still morning this time ;) ), when a car came from the on ramp and tried to speed past me to cut me off. I wouldn't have any of that and made the driver wait his turn. I was annoyed, but put it out of my mind as I neared my exit at the next off ramp.

Unfortunately, the car behind me followed. While we were waiting on the off ramp, the other car swerved onto the shoulder. Not wanting him to pass illegally, I inched into the shoulder to block his path. He moved back into his lane and order was restored.

What made him think he had any right to jump in front of the rest of us? How rude.

A few minutes later I arrived at my destination, just in time for my meeting. Shortly thereafter, a couple folks (from another company) that we were waiting to meet with entered the room. One of guessed it...was that same driver from the freeway.


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