Saturday, November 10, 2007

In The Rain, Snow and Fog

No...I'm not talking about postmen...but they work during crazy weather as well. In this case, I'm referring to football players.

I watched the USC vs. Cal game on TV today...luckily, in the comfort of my own. It was pouring down rain for all four quarters...which proved both entertaining (when the ball slipped out of Cal's hands) and frustrating (when USC players fell victim to the rain).

Baseball games get rained games are played in nice, dry arenas. But, football...I've seen these poor players (both in the NCAA and NFL) play in all types of weather. In general, it's hard enough to play football well, but when you add wet equipment or visibility issues, then it's just insane.

So...bravo to USC for holding on to the ball (for the most part) and coming out victorious today.

Fight On Trojans! Beat The Sun Devils!

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