Thursday, November 08, 2007

Netflix <3's SCMusicals

At least...I'm pretty sure Netflix likes customer's like me. For the first time since September...I finally dropped of the DVDs I rented from them in the mail. Oh...did I was September...of 2006?

I hope they enjoying getting the free money out to me, to make up for the crazy renters who grab as much as they can and rip it to their computers. I guess it's just my inadvertent way of balancing things out. ;)

Actually, I'm just not good at mailing things out in general. I don't know how much money I've lost over the years in missed rebates...or missing the deadline in returning something I ordered online.

Ah well...perhaps I'll do better with the next set of Netflix least I'm on the lowest plan possible. =P

The crazy part is I'm now thinking of going with GameFly as well. What do you think? Should I quit while I'm "ahead"? ;)


USC2000 said...

No, no, you should join Gamefly. Otherwise, how are you going to play your fun new Wii? Wheeeee! I know, I'm evil. :)

pla said...

hey, wait a second here. are you calling me crazy?!

i actually liked gamefly, but i could only justify it when i was walking on the treadmill and playing video games simultaneously....

also, does this mean you finally watched the apple?