Saturday, September 16, 2006

Mild-Mannered Fan

According to a recent article on BBC News, the Psychology of Music (who knew there was a scientific journal on music psychology!) has completed a preliminary study on the correlation between lifestyle and musical tastes. After interviewing 2,500 people, they came to this conclusion:
Fans of musicals come out as the most mild-mannered group, with the lowest level of drug-taking and criminal acts.

They also drink less regularly than other music fans, and are among the most likely to do charity work.
Chalk one up to musical theatre fans!


Rick Bambrick said...

wooo-hoooo... See, I have always liked musicals. I know of only one wacky person who doesn't like them (she will go nameless - but her name could rhyme with 'la-shell mash') and the survey could appear accurate in that case.

padgett said...

clearly you missed the study about how drinking improves your career:

chicago tribute article

i know, money isn't everything, but clearly there are advantages to being a lush. wonder if this study charts relative income and musical taste. i wonder if musical fans are better or worse off than indie pop fans....