Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Another Hiatus

Okay...so it's been a while since I posted...again. Seems cyclical, huh? Sorry about that...but this time I guess I had better reasons than just being lazy. =P I managed to work like mad the past three weeks before deserting my co-workers for the Philippines.

For the two weekends prior to that, I was able to visit a couple friends in Portland, with one of my former roommates from college in tow and then head to Las Vegas with a friend who hasn't been there since she turned 21...we're much, much closer to 31 than 21 at this point.

In Portland, we had loads of fun visiting The End Of The Oregon Trail Museum (more on that another time), but not so much fun sitting in traffic on the way to and from Corvallis...nor seeing the mighty Trojans fall to beavers.

Las Vegas consisted of me losing on penny and nickel slots as always - and occasionally on quarter slots. Oh, the horror! I had my fair share of buffets and got to see the Bellagio water show from Paris' Eiffel Tower. I made it back home with 3 hours to pack for the Philippines.

So now...here I am...in Manila...at an internet store...writing in a blog. =) I can't promise that this will be any more frequent...but just wanted the handful of people who read this thing to know what I've been up to. Hope all is well in the U.S. and I will try to share a few pictures when I get back!

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Will said...

hey maureen. how fun that you are in the PI!have a great time. come back soon. we need you for choir on christmas eve!