Thursday, September 14, 2006

The Pre-Broadway Process've heard of Les Miserables and you've heard of Riverdance. Now, the creative forces behind both ventures have banded together to create a new musical spectacle, entitled The Pirate Queen. As some of you may know...Les Miserables happens to be my favorite I'm hoping that this is up to par with Jean Valjean, Eponine and the whole gang. To add to the anticipation - and perhaps to add some hype - the producers have decided to broadcast a daily webcast of their rehearsal and preview process from their pre-Broadway run in Chicago. They have affectionately named it castcom. Though I can't really stomach the name (Do we really need another "cast" term besides webcasts, podcasts, vodcasts, etc? Plus it's pretty similar to the Comcast brand name...) it should be interesting to see what they're willing to reveal to us. Check it out for yourself and see if this is really a Broadway Hit in the making.

As for me...I just need to hear some songs from this thing. Every time I see the title, I get the Pirates of Penzance song, The Pirate King, in my head. I love Gilbert & Sullivan as much as the next guy (okay...maybe more), but Boublil & Schonberg it's not!

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