Saturday, September 02, 2006

There And Back Again...

Do you like how I just jumped right into posting again after a three-month hiatus? I really meant to update this thing a lot sooner, but I've had a rather busy summer...trying to visit more of these United States.

For those of you keeping count...I was previously at 37/50, which you can see in a post from last year. But, after a New England road trip in June, and a Southwest road trip in July, I am now up to 44!
The highlight of the New England trip would have to be seeing all the wonderful green mountains of Vermont. In the Southwest...I absolutely loved Carlsbad Caverns! I also discovered the wonders that are Lobster Rolls and Navajo Fry Bread.

Now I just have to figure out when to visit the other 6 states. I'm kinda road-tripped out for now...but there's always next year!

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