Monday, September 11, 2006

Have We Forgotten?

Five years ago, our nation was forever changed when four doomed planes failed to reach their intended destinations. What followed in the aftermath was a time of great mourning, but in turn a time of a patriotic resurgence. Flags were flying everywhere...from houses, businesses, car windows... We saw ordinary men become heroes - from firemen walking up the World Trade Center staircases to those who took back United Flight 93 from their terrorist aggressors.

Five years ago...a million years ago... Did that day really happen? Once again we seem to live our lives focused around the lives of celebrities - concerned on what someone is wearing or who they're with. The sight of Old Glory has diminished now...and the memory of 9/11 starts to fade into the background, akin to the memory of Pearl Harbor.

However...on this day...for the sake of those who lost their lives and for those who continue to fight for freedom...let us remember. Let us remember the anger, the grief, the disbelief. Let us remember what is important and let us remember how we clung to those so dear to us in a time of great darkness for our country. Let us remember how our country stood strong in the face of danger. May God continue to protect us all...

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