Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Congratulations Chip & Kim!!!

Prior to this season of the Amazing Race, my favorite teams were 0 for 3 in winning top honors. (To those die-hard fans...sorry...I didn't start watching until season 2) However, this time around, Chip & Kim came through and won the one million dollar prize!

This show's film editing always messes with my mind, so I didn't get my hopes up until they actually stepped on the mat. Even then, it wasn't until the host announced that they were the "official winners" that I physically got up and started jumping up and down, cheering in front of the television. I know...I'm addicted to the show.

I was sorry that the "Bowling Moms" team didn't make it to the final leg though. I wasn't too fond of them in the beginning of the season, but they accomplished so darn much that I really wanted them to be successful. But at least they got to see the Philippine islands on their whirlwind "vacation".

Thank you to the eleven teams that competed this really made it a fun show to watch. Special kudos to Chip & proved you were up to the challenge and never gave up hope. Again...congratulations!

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