Monday, October 27, 2008

C'est La Vie

Well...Sunday, I was suppose to post 10 things to photograph...but a couple of things happened...

At the last minute, I needed to pick up a friend at the airport. Since she was famished, we went to dinner after I got her at LAX...and I didn't get home until about a half hour ago...and Sunday is long gone. =P

The other thing that happened was a friend and I went to the South Coast Botanic Garden. The two things that I was planning to adding to the photograph list were a picture of a hummingbird and one of a butterfly. The hummingbirds at the garden still proved elusive to me, but I did manage a few shots of some butterflies...including the two included in this post.

While I did take pictures of some butterflies, I'm not completely happy with I'm debating on whether or not to keep them on the list. I'll revisit this later in the week...but here's my paltry list of things to photograph thus far:

10 Things To Photograph
Any helping filling out the list would be much appreciated. ;)

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