Saturday, April 29, 2006

So Much For Mock Drafts

I suppose I shouldn't have looked at the NFL mock drafts as much as I did. Thus far, nothing has panned out for my beloved Trojans the way that was anticipated. Reggie Bush became the #2 pick, going to the New Orleans Saints...and Matt Leinart managed to drop down to #10 before he was chosen by the Arizona Cardinals.

As for the Houston Texans, who had the #1 pick...they failed to choose their hometown hero, Vince Young, as well as Reggie. Their pick, Mario Williams, had better be a star, or they're going to end up with a lot of angry, rabid fans next season.

The good news is...the San Francisco 49ers play the Saints and the San Diego Chargers play I don't have to venture too far to see either Matt or Reggie play. I didn't have the same luck when Carson Palmer went to Cincinnati a few years back.

I guess now I'll just have to wait and see where the rest of the 'SC guys go...of course it would be more enjoyable if I had cable and could watch the draft. Ah well...I guess the 'net will have to do!

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padgett said...

well, if it's any consolation, i'm kind of bitter that ngata (who, i think, was the highest picked oregon player in years) came so close to going to cleveland only to end up with the treacherous anti-browns instead. bah.