Thursday, April 06, 2006

My L.A. Four

I inadvertently took a brief hiatus from blogging. Since Lisa tagged me for this survey eons ago, I thought I should complete this first...enjoy!

Four Jobs I've Had in My Life in L.A.
1) Database Developer
2) Web Developer
3) Systems Integration Engineer
4) Office Aide (work study in college)

Four Movies About L.A. I Could Watch Over and Over
(I need to watch more movies about Los Angeles)
1) Singin' In The Rain
2) Ocean's Eleven ( least a couple scenes were in L.A.)
3) Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure
4) Clueless

Four Places I've Lived All Over L.A. (With Food Memories From Each)
1) Long Beach
Taco Bell - I know this won't be added to anyone's "to do list", but I used to go here a lot with my dad. We'd pick up food after school and then hang out and eat together at home. Oh...and from what I hear...this particular one (on Santa Fe Ave. and Pacific Coast Highway) is one of the oldest, if not the oldest, Taco Bell still in operation.
2) USC - On Campus
EVK - It did not specify that the food memories had to be good ones. The first time I ate at EVK (Elaine von KleinSmid Residents Hall), was during "Preview USC"...a two-day excursion to the campus for perspective high school seniors. I saw college students run and fight for quesadillas as soon as they were brought out...and to top it all off...a fly flew straight into my burrito when I was putting it together. It was then and there that I decided to live in an apartment, and not a more EVK if I could help it!
3) USC - Off Campus
The Original Pantry - I'm not sure how many of the original waiters are still around...but when I went to 'SC, there were still a few. I love their pancakes, and I loved the fact that they were open 24 hours. I remember going there around their 75th anniversary and one of the original waiters was passing out hats to everyone. I still have mine!
4) Santa Monica
(okay...I've never really lived here...but I figure working in the city is close enough)
Fritto Misto - In an attempt to find a new place to eat for lunch, I happened upon a website that spoke of this place. I'm glad I did! They have great calamari...and you should really try their banana cream pie. Yum!

Four L.A. Themed Shows I Love(d) to Watch
1) Alias
2) The Brady Bunch
3) CHiPs
4) Remington Steele

Four Places I Would Vacation at in L.A.
1) Santa Monica
2) Malibu
3) Downtown L.A. (theatre weekend!)
4) Long Beach (if just to visit with relatives)

Four L.A. Based Web Sites I Visit Daily
(not necessarily specific to L.A., but has info related to L.A. on occasion)
1) Playbill
2) Yahoo! News
3) Lisa's Blog
4) Yahoo! Local

Four of My Favorite Foods Found in L.A.
1) Chili Spaghetti @ Bob's Big Boy
2) Pink's Hot Dogs
3) Seaweed Salad @ Zip Fusion
4) Calamari @ Fritto Misto

Four Places in L.A. I Would Rather Be Right Now
1) Watching 'SC play football at the Coliseum
2) Hanging out with Sorority Sisters @ USC
3) Watching a performance at the Hollywood Bowl
4) Watching a performance at the Music Center in Downtown L.A.

Four Unfortunate L.A. Souls
The following people have been tagged:
1) Brianne
2) Judy
3) Melly
4) Todd R.

Four More Unfortunate Souls
I've seen this survey in a non-L.A. iteration...let's see what people outside of L.A. like about where they live:
1) Padgett
2) Amy
3) Erin
4) Shereen

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