Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Easter Blooms

I hope that everyone managed to have a fun & exciting Easter. As for me, I attended a "memorial service"...and walked away with a nice little bouquet. Aren't they pretty? I took 'em off a casket and a couple funeral wreaths!
Hey! Don't furrow your brow at me, I had permission. ;)

Alright...I guess this takes further explanation. During our Easter service, a few people from the drama team enacted what it would be like if we had a modern-day memorial service for Jesus Christ. If you know my Pastor...he thinks big. So, we had the casket, the funeral wreaths, eulogies...and as someone pointed out...we had a couple people doing a choreographed dance!

Part way through his sermon, our Pastor opened up the casket to empty casket. For those of you who are unaware -- Jesus rose from the dead three days after he was crucified.

So...since this was definitely a time of CELEBRATION...I had no qualms pillaging for flowers!

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padgett said...

strange though an easter funeral might be, it makes significantly more sense than my mom's easter vigil, which involved campfire stories.