Friday, May 05, 2006


The great thing about being in California, is that on occasion, I am privy to seeing certain musicals before they make their way to the Big Apple. Such was the case with The Drowsy Chaperone. I saw it way back in the beginning of December ( the evening right after we pummelled ucla 66-19 at football) with the same cast that is now raking in the laughs on Broadway.

I just wanted to be able to get my two cents in before the Broadway awards season goes any further. I did not abhor the show, as Lisa did. I thought it was a cute production and bought into the idea that it was a Valentine to musical theatre. I identified with the main character, Man in Chair (in being transported into the story through listening to cast recordings...not by his psychotic tendencies to want to be in the story), and moved by the ending.

I thought the writing was witty, but fell too deeply into the musical theatre niche. I did not think it would appeal to someone who did not go out to see musicals on a regular basis. I was glad to see the show...especially with Sutton Foster in the role of Janet. But, at the time...I didn't think it would make it to Broadway...and it could quite possibly fall into obscurity. If it did make it to Broadway...I didn't think it would last too long.

As luck would have it, The Woman in White met an untimely end, and the Marquis Theatre opened up. The Drowsy producers saw their chance and took it. As a result, the Drowsy Chaperone opened on Broadway this past Monday, May 1, with a majority of positive reviews. Now that awards season is upon us...they are also gathering nominations right and left. However, even with the accolades, I don't see this show lasting out the year. Let's see if the NYC theatre-going public proves me wrong!

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