Sunday, October 03, 2004

Is Anybody Listening?

So began the chorus to a song from the new musical I saw this evening...The Ten Commandments, starring Val Kilmer. Yes folks...Val Kilmer can sing...and he does a pretty good job too. He had some power behind his first few solos, but started fading in the end of the second act. But, I don't fault him for that, since he's not a fully-trained actor in musical theatre. After all, he did perform the Friday evening prior, as well as a matinee earlier on Saturday afternoon. I'm really curious to see this again near the end of the run to see if Mr. Kilmer has built up some stamina in the role. I have much faith that the cohesion of the show will be much improved by then.

I was also able to get a small group of people together (57, to be exact) to see this show with me. We split up and had about 1/3 in the Parterre and the rest in Mezzanine I'm pretty antsy to discover what everyone's reaction was to this "musical spectacle". Since I'm sure no one would be pleased to receive a phone call this late/early at night/morning...I suppose I will have to wait until church to ask them about it. Until then I can happily go to sleep with this tunes still swimming in my head...

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