Sunday, October 24, 2004

Pac-10 Planning

Yesterday, I went to my 3rd home football game in the same number of weeks. It's safe to say that I pretty much have Trojan football running through my veins now. Of course...these past three games will have to hold me until Thanksgiving. Thinking back to our well-deserved win over Cal, our thrashing of Arizona State, and yesterday's walloping of the University of Washington Huskies...I'm already going through withdrawals.

I'm always anxious to see football season start, but this year, I had to wait until week 3 for a home game. Then I had another two-week drought before the three games in a row. We do have two games in November, but I can't go to the next one, since I will be out of town. So I will have to wait until our November 27th dismantling of Notre Dame.

To anyone out there who has control of the Pac-10 schedules...can the home games get spread out evenly through the season? Opening at home, with a home game every other week will suffice. ;)

Ah least next week's game is on ABC. I'll just have to deal with screaming at the TV. FIGHT ON TROJANS...BEAT THE COUGARS!

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