Friday, October 22, 2004

Overeaction to the EXTREME!

Here's my disclaimer to those who don't watch Survivor: this is a mini-rant on who got voted off in last Thursday's episode.

I know that people need to beware of their competition on this game...and should be wise not to trust too many of your teammates, especially when everyone is playing for one shot at a million dollars. But it's really sad when someone gets voted off because a one-sentence miscommunication. Lisa were shafted, and I hope that more people in your tribe don't fall under the guillotine of Ami, the barrista/model.

To sum up what happened...Ami was going to gather food, and Lisa said that she wanted to go with her "in case..." That's when Ami flew off the handle and finished off the sentence for her, " case i get voted off?" Lisa never said anything of the kind, and I believe that was furthest from her mind. But, Ami decided that Lisa couldn't be trusted, and staged a coup to get her ousted from the island.

I think Ami got rid of a strong ally, and I hope this decision does not catapult her to success in the game. Getting rid of Lisa shows that Ami is too suspicious for her own good...I hope that the other players will see that and vote her off early.

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