Monday, January 15, 2007

Dreamgirls Will Never Leave You

Thanks to DreamWorks and Paramount Pictures, another stage musical has made it to the big screen in dramatic fashion. Dreamgirls opened on Christmas day to critical acclaim & has been collecting a slew of nominations & awards ever since.

This evening, Dreamgirls won 3 Golden Globes - Jennifer Hudson for Best Supporting Actress, Eddie Murphy for Best Supporting Actor and Best Motion Picture - Musical Or Comedy.

Although, in my mind, Dreamgirls still does not hold a candle to another recent stage-to-film transfer, Chicago, it does make a solid showing that warrents it's nominations. After Chicago, it's successors in the movie musical genre have been less than stellar...The Phantom of the Opera, Rent, The Producers. Filmmakers were not successful in capturing some fantastic stage magic into the cinema. But finally, another movie musical got it right! Watching Dreamgirls was a refreshing reminder of how a good stage production can become a great motion picture.

Congrats, Dreamgirls team...let's hope you're showered with some Oscar nominations as well!


Will said...

Now all we need is Jersey Boys The Movie Musical!

chizi said...

Can you believe I have yet to see it?! Maybe I'll get to a theater before the Oscars...? :(