Saturday, February 03, 2007

Hey Luke...Forgive Me, Por Favor

Last Thursday, I went with some co-workers to a restaurant called "Tacos Por Favor". While we were eating, a couple guys at my table started whispering about a famous movie star. I looked to the table to my right. Indeed...there was a movie star there...Mr. Luke Wilson...enjoying his cerveza.

Another co-worker was at a nearby table. Instead of shouting to her and pointing to Mr. Luke Wilson, I thought it best to give her a call. So...I whipped out my cell phone and dialed her number. From my peripheral vision, I also saw Mr. Luke Wilson recoil.

Two seconds later...I realized what had happened. Here's a tip for you all. If making a phone call in the vicinity of a movie star, you should probably not aim it in their direction while dialing a number. It may appear to them as though you are taking a picture with your cell phone. It also didn't help that my co-worker failed to answer her phone and i hung up a few seconds later.

So...Sorry, Luke! I really didn't take a picture of you with my cell phone. But, with the reaction I had already caused...I may as well have.

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Will said...

haha. great post. I love posts about star sightings!