Tuesday, January 02, 2007

So Far, So Good

Well...yesterday went quite beautifully! My friend, Shannon, is striving to becoming a tailgating queen. I guess it was worth it to get up before dawn to enjoy some amaretto french toast, bacon...and later hamburgers and bacon-wrapped hot dogs. Mmmm... She promises to add a generator and flat screen TV come Fall.
The Rose Bowl was even better. By the end of four quarters, we had blocked, passed and sacked our way to our 4th BCS win in 5 years. Our quarterback's throws were sure and steady and our receivers made some phenomenal catches. When it was all said and done...I wondered...why couldn't we be that consistent all year long? But, it did make me quite hopeful for next football season.

Only 242 days until our next game. Can't wait...

Fight On Trojans! Beat The Vandals!

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