Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Hello Again

As what seems to happen in November...I tend to fall off the face of the Earth (in terms of blogging). I knew as much going into the month...but with work deadlines, Thanksgiving, and 2 USC home games to attend...this November has not been the best month for me to focus on a novel. So, at last count, my "novel" is a whopping 2,141 words. Hooray!

Incidentally, I could also argue that the loss of daylight savings time could play a part for November not being a good month. An entry in the Wikipedia states that, "The disruption in sleep patterns associated with setting clocks either forward or backward correlates with...lost productivity as sleep-disrupted workers adjust to the schedule change."

However, a co-worker of mine has decided to use December as his Novel Writing Month. So, I figured I might as well join him. Work quiets down a little as we near Christmas and New Year. Plus...there's one more day in December than in November. What happens if I don't make the 50k word quota by the end of the year? Well...we'll just cross that bridge if we come to it.

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