Thursday, June 26, 2008

Assessing AFI

A friend of mine blogged
about AFI's newest list...
the 10 Top 10.

He also posted percentages of the movies he's watched. I thought it was a pretty spiffy idea and so here I am following suit...

Animation: (Percentage Seen: 80%)
I say 80% because I don't recall ever sitting down and watching Pinocchio or Bambi...but I did have read-along record books (that's right...records) for both of these movies.

Romantic Comedies: (Percentage Seen: 40%)
I really like romantic comedies, so it surprised me that my percentage was so low. Maybe I just don't see the "good" romantic comedies.

Westerns: (Percentage Seen: 10%)
Yep...I've only seen one of the top ten westerns...and my memory of watching Shane is pretty vague. I just remember the little kid yelling after Shane and having to watch the movie in 7th grade. I can't even remember the curriculum that caused me to watch the movie in the first place. Is there a book to Shane that has fallen out of my memory as well? =P

Sports: (Percentage Seen: 30%)
I don't know if I'd really call Jerry Maguire a sports movie, but that was one of the three that I've seen in this genre...and I didn't even like the why did it make it onto a top ten list? I'm sure Rudy feels shafted.

Mystery: (Percentage Seen: 0%)
There's no reason this percentage should be so low...I guess I just haven't had a chance to see too many movies in this genre. I'm not exactly what you call a movie buff...but I'll try to watch some of these films eventually.

Fantasy: (Percentage Seen: 80%)
I don't know if I consider half of these movies "fantasies"...the whole AFI classification of genres just seemed off for a lot of these 10 lists. I do have to say...even though I adore musicals, I would still have bumped Lord of the Rings up to #1 over The Wizard of Oz.

Sci-Fi: (Percentage Seen: 50%)
I'd say any list over 50% is still pretty good for me...and the only reason I have such a high score here is because I watched T2 when I had nothing else to do on a family trip to Alaska. I didn't even see Star Wars Episode IV until after watching Episode I in the theatres. I was planning to see the movies in order, but some woman blabbed the ending of Episode IV in the ladies restroom after my viewing of Episode I. I figured I should watch the older movies before they were spoiled for me.

Gangster: (Percentage Seen: 20%)
I'm not the gangster movie watching type. I don't remember why I saw Pulp Fiction, but I do remember watching Goodfellas because it was the only thing on television one weekend afternoon. =P

Courtroom Drama: (Percentage Seen: 30%)
At least two of the three movies I've seen in this genre top the list. I do have to say, 12 Angry Men is probably on my own top ten list of non-musical movies. A Few Good Men? Not so much...

Epic: (Percentage Seen: 60%)
I think "epic" is just the nice way of saying it was an over-budget, over-the-top movie that appeals to the it not surprising for me that I've seen a majority of these films. Half of the films I didn't think lived up to the hype...but they managed to take my money anyway. ;)


bobby said...


yeah, I must be lame. That means I've only seen about 37.5% of all, I think. Maths not my strong point.

And so many good movies not there. The Epic list sucked. Where's Braveheart?!

pla said...

Shane is, in fact, based on a novel. I'm pretty sure we read it in 7th grade as well.

You really ought to watch Vertigo and The Third Man at some point...