Friday, October 28, 2005

The Seven Things Survey - Part I

A while back, Lisa filled out her "Seven Things" survey. I'm still thinking about some things...but here are the sections I have already completed. Let's just call this "Part I". Enjoy...

Seven things in your room
1. CDs
2. DVDs
3. books
4. computer
5. desk
6. mini replica of a tiffany stained-glass window
7. television

Seven things you plan to do before you die
1. visit Europe
2. visit All 50 States
3. write a play that gets produced
4. write a full-length screenplay
5. learn basic conversational American sign language
6. learn to harmonize
7. finish a mosaic picture I started two years ago

Seven favorite movies
1. Newsies
2. Singin' In The Rain
3. Memento
4. Lilo & Stitch
5. Wuthering Heights (Olivier)
6. Casablanca
7. Calamity Jane

Seven things you say the most
(pretty boring...I know)
1. cool deal
2. okie doke
3. okay
4. sure
5. ah well
6. like
7. no prob

Seven celebrity crushes
(the last two aren't current)
1. Christian Bale (c'mon...he starred in Newsies)
2. Douglas Sills
3. Brian Stokes Mitchell
4. Josh Groban
5. Orlando Bloom
6. Brad Pitt (pre-Jolie fiasco)
7. Christian Slater (back in jr. high/high school)

Feel free to link/post your own "Seven Things" in the comment section!

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