Friday, October 14, 2005

Fair Warning To Washington & Arizona...ASU Fans Are Mean

A couple weeks ago, I had the great pleasure of traveling to Tempe, AZ, to watch the USC Trojans beat the Arizona State Sun Devils on their home field. I will refrain from talking about the blistering weather, lack of water at the concession stands, and how we had to come back to win in the second half. My focus today is on the ASU fans.

I have now had time to recoup from that weekend, so my rant will be a little tamer. All I can say is that, in general, ASU fans are just plain rude. It would take some convincing to get me back to that stadium anytime soon. Not only did they appear to be sore losers, but they were sore winners as well.

Now, it's one thing to trash talk about the opposing team...but it's quite another to vandalize. The first act of uncouthness was during the 3rd quarter. It took a bit longer than the Trojan fans expected...but our team finally took the lead during that period of time. Shortly after we scored the touchdown that put us ahead...people from the student section started throwing bottles onto the field. Pretty soon, it was raining bottles. It got so bad that an announcement was made that if it didn't stop...the ASU Sun Devils would obtain a penalty. Even after the announcement, a few bottles still trickled down. C'mon guys...this is your field! Have you no pride...or any respect for your football team? Ha...I guess not.

However bad the bottle throwing was...what happened in the 4th quarter was more personal in nature. About 10 minutes into it...ASU scored put them ahead (momentarily). At this point, an ASU fan at the top of the section next to us took it upon himself to celebrate. He did this by flicking some red punch concoction into our section. In an instant, we were covered with drops of red, gooey liquid. We all immediately looked up at the offender, while his friend kept swearing he didn't do anything. At this point we were all markedly upset, stained from head to toe. And what did the ASU fans next to us do...instead of sympathizing and leaving us alone...they yelled for all of us to suck it up.

So, in addition to another WIN, we also ended up with speckled clothing. You can see what happened to our hats in this picture. Imagine an entire section of this...and not just hats, but shirts, shorts, shoes...everything. My friend's dad had a white button-down shirt on...he just had to throw it out when he got home.

So...thanks Arizona State sure made this a memorable experience. And, a note to Washington and Arizona fans...don't wear your favorite apparel to the game...and don't expect any civility to come from the ASU end. Besides, they may be meaner now that they lost their last two home games...

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