Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Leave No Doubt



I know, I was a blowout...but it was enjoyable nonetheless.

My beloved Trojans trounced the Sooners...and that was only in the first half.

There were hints of deja vu when OU scored first and their fans starting getting obnoxious. It was then that I knew we would destroy them...after all, isn't that what happened against Iowa in the 2003 Orange Bowl?

I bought my football tickets back in October, so I ended up in the mix with some Oklahoma fans. At least there were a few friendly faces around in the beginning of the game. However, by the middle of the third quarter, the OU fans made a mad dash out of Pro Player Stadium...good riddance.

My friends and I stayed to celebrate until they kicked us out. Accolades to Leinart, Bush, and the rest of the men of Troy. Can we say 3-Pete?

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