Sunday, December 14, 2008

North, South, East, West

Well...I headed East for a weekend in November and promptly neglected my blog. Now, I'm West of home (in Hawaii) and trying to start it back up again. Aside from lack of internet the next few days, I'm trying to keep up with writing. I'm also trying to fill up my 101 tasks before the end of the year, so that I can start on the list by January 1st. Let's see if all these things come to fruition. ;)

As far as Oahu's been pretty fun the past day and a half...despite the torrential rains and flash flood warnings. =P I just hope it lets up soon so that I can actually tour the island before we the very least...I need to visit one of those shrimp trucks I've heard so much about. Oh...and the Honolulu marathon starts in about 5 I hope the rains let up for the poor souls trying to run over 26 miles.

Alright...I must bid you all adieu before my internet connection runs out...maybe I'll buy more internet time tomorrow. Until next time...aloha. =)

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