Sunday, July 15, 2007

No Ratatouille For Me

I love Pixar. I wasn't to thrilled that they made a rodent into a chef, but giving it the benefit of the doubt...I was looking forward to seeing Ratatouille.

I left on vacation June 29...the day Ratatouille came out. However, my friend asked me to wait for her before I saw it. Aww...okay. I got back on July 10, but since she's only in town Sundays, we had to wait until tonight to see it.

Thinking we had plenty of time to eat dinner before catching one of the last two shows, we headed off to Wood Ranch for their yummy chopped salad. Mmmm...tri tip. Unfortunately, the service was slow and we didn't get out of there until 10:10 PM...the latest showing in that complex was at 10 PM. But...never fear...there was a 10:30 PM showing in the next city over.

We whipped out my Thomas Guide (for the first time since I bought it in 2005) and figured out directions to the movie theatre. We got into the theatre with about 3 minutes to spare and proceeded to watch a slew of horrible previews.

During the last preview, a random guy walked into the theatre, kind of cased the joint, and then headed back to the hallway. I watched the last preview in annoyance as I heard his muffled voice echoing into the theatre.

Just as the movie was about to start, he walked back in and stood at the end of one of the rows. A couple other guys entered from the other side, and then a total of four of them met up in the front row...right under the screen...and started pounding on one another.

I heard one guy in a row above me order his daughter to get out of the theatre. My friend and I quickly followed suit...for fear something worse may happen. We immediately went to guest services to report what happened and ask for a refund. I'm here at home...still without seeing the latest Pixar feature. Upset and annoyed, my friend told me I could now see it without her...since it may be another 3 weeks before we get a chance to hang out again on a Sunday night. Big bummer.

Thanks guys...thanks for choosing our movie theatre (for a G-rated movie nonetheless) to start your brawl.


pla said...

Wow. That seems so much more entertaining than the movie probably would have been. Plus, now you have an anecdote to tell for life! Consider yourself lucky.

Autumn said...

That is the most random thing ever. How odd.