Saturday, March 31, 2007

101 Update

Okay...around the time I was suppose to post my 101 in 1001 list...I got sick...again. I managed to stay healthy the past 5 years, only to get the flu twice this winter. Hopefully it's cyclical and I don't get the flu again for another 5 years. ;) plan. My list has grown to about 60-65 tasks. I'm going to rack my brain in the next few days to get to 91 tasks, leaving the final 10 blank to be filled in at some point during the 1001 days. This way I can put something in that had slipped my mind from the onset...or if something new comes along, I can add it to my list as well.

My official day 1 is now April 6...and day 1001 will be December 31, 2009. I promise...I'll actually post my list by April 5.

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