Monday, August 28, 2006

No Trouble At All I'm one of those freaks who actually enjoy watching awards shows...Emmys, Oscars, and especially the Tonys. I usually don't watch most of the nominated television shows or movies...but I always like seeing the winners' reactions...especially in the case of an upset. Usually it's hit or miss when the host starts off the show. I'm not really a Conan O'Brien fan, but I gotta say...I loved the skit in the beginning. It doesn't hurt to put the Lost character of Hurley in there for comic relief. I was also extremely excited to see a show tune performed in the beginning. Granted, they took some rather funny liberties with Meredith Wilson's lyrics...but Conan got millions of people tuned in to see a parody of The Music Man's "Trouble". Good job, Mr. O'Brien. Let's hope you started an Emmy trend. ;)

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